Sound Library

Sounds of the Earth

When you approach a work of art, what sounds do you imagine hearing? 

We developed this accessible resource based on the responses of visitors when they were asked that very same question during our educational tours in the museum. The sound library aims to provide individuals with visual impairments with another means to interact with the works of art on exhibit, based on the universe of sounds they suggest. 

This video shares the recordings of the sounds suggested by primary school students when they visited the museum, played together with images from the exhibition Delcy Morelos:  El lugar del alma [Delcy Morelos: The Place of the Soul]. For the exhibition, the artist created a monumental work made from specially prepared earth mixed with cinnamon, clove and coffee, transforming the gallery space and allowing the visitor to walk through the work in contemplation and reflection. 

We invite you to add your own sounds to accompany works of art. You can use your voice, hands or any other object you like to create sounds. Record and upload your sounds to social media, and don’t forget to tag the museum!

Find the video here!