Ramiro González Etchagüe: Santa Fe

For Ramiro González Etchagüe, the sense of void is a trigger, a feeling that accompanies him and which, in his works, is used as a possibility to interpret potentialities related to the paradigm of uncertainty as a portal, driving him into new searches based on proposals established as pretexts of the landscape for the representation of ideas or sensations. He uses simple elements to construct complexities that consider or translate counterpoints between space and time, place and “non-place”, subject and object, in his desire to materialise the impossible against a backdrop of absence. Compression and displacement, metaphor and metonymy are concepts that haunt and constitute the effects of the incompleteness he tries to resolve or explore

Ramiro González Etchagüe (Tostado, Santa Fe. Currently lives and works in Sunchales, Santa Fe) A visual artist and director of the Museo Municipal Basilio Donato and the Municipal Historical Archive of the city of Sunchales. He worked as a teacher at the municipal high school. He has trained with renowned artists, curators and art specialists in different clinics and workshops; he has been awarded grants by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, the NBSF Foundation and the Art Boomerang Program. His work has been recognised in provincial and national salons and competitions and is part of both private and public collections. He has participated in several individual and group shows. He specialised in Cultural Project Management at the Universidad Provincial de Córdoba, the Universidad Nacional del Litoral and in Curatorial Studies at the Node Center in Berlin, Germany.