An activity for children and young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Works of art can be made from many materials: paint, fabric, paper, metal … But they can even be made of food! Today, artists make use of all sorts of materials when they make works of art. We invite you to play with different artworks from the museum and to discover what they are made from.

It is an activity you can do as a family. Feel free to use the association cards!

Here is a photo of a work of art that was shown as part of the exhibition Sergio de Loof: ¿Sentiste hablar de mí? [Sergio De Loof: Never Heard ofMe?]

He made the piece using foods that you are almost certainly familiar with: bread, cheese and, the first time it was shown, there was even a stew in every pot that you see.

Think about your favourite food, what ingredients are used to make it? Would you like to try making a work of art using those ingredients? You can use the association cards from the image gallery to help you with the activity.

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