A fantasy world

An activity for children and young people with autism

The poem, Vuelvo como un jardín después del invierno [I Return Like a Garden After the Winter], is an artistic installation created by Cotelito that can be seen in the café of the Museo Moderno. The work is the result of imagining the dreams the museum may have had while it was closed at the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s your turn to be inspired by Cotelito’s fantasy world. Do you want to create your very own character? To do so, you are going to need different materials that you are likely to have at hand: coloured paper, pencils, markers, glue sticks, scissors, brushes, paints, etc.

Feel free to use our association cards, which have been specially designed by the museum team to help you out with this activity.

Illustrations by Maricel Rodríguez Clark