Museo Moderno
Casa Alberto Heredia

After long years of management, in 2022 the Modern Museum managed to begin the renovation and enhancement of the house-workshop of the Argentine artist Alberto Heredia, which he himself left as a legacy to the museum, joining its heritage in the year 2000. , after his death.

In 2023, a long journey of work and effort in relation to the legacy of the property, its renovation, enhancement and interior design comes to an end, and on September 8, 2023, the “Casa Alberto Heredia” is inaugurated. “Artists residency.”

Located on Avenida Caseros, in a historic building in the Barracas neighborhood a few blocks from the museum, and thanks to a process developed in collaboration with great allies for its recovery and renovation, the Moderno is finally preparing the property for the launch of its Program of “Casa Alberto Heredia” Residences, which transforms this legacy into a new artist house, intended for artistic production, research and links with the Argentine and international art scene.

“Casa Alberto Heredia” thus constitutes the first artistic residence dependent on a public museum in its country. In this way, it adopts the unique character that gives it the fact of being linked to one of the most important platforms for the production and exhibition of visual arts in Argentina.