Museo Moderno

The Rolling Argentinian Contemporary Art Map is a platform specially created by Museo Moderno for the 55th Annual Conference of the International Committee of Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM), entitled ‘The Co-Creative Museum: Social Agency, Ethics, and Heritage’, which will be held in Buenos Aires in November 2023.

To build the platform, we invited the widest possible array of actors from the Argentinian scene. Each museum, foundation, archive, gallery or cultural space provided a profile and selected five (5) tags from our Glossary that fitted their cultural space. Likewise, each of the more than 700 participating artists contributed a portfolio and chose a maximum of five (5) tags from the Glossary.

The platform can be browsed in two ways: either by category – space, museum, gallery, institution – or through the glossary using up to five key words to obtain detailed search results on both artists and cultural spaces. The platform operates as a permanent public archive accessible to anyone interested.

Working on this project were:
Concept: Victoria Noorthoorn
General Coordination: Micaela Bendersky 
Content Coordination & Call for Artists: Larisa Zmud
Glossary: Victoria Noorthoorn, Francisco Lemus and Larisa Zmud 
Coordination Assistance: Florencia Rugiero
Digital Production: La Santa Productora
Content Assistance: Zoe Brezca, Julia Cahen D’Anvers and Cayetana Muniz Barreto
Proofreading: Julia Benseñor
English Translations: Ian Barnett 

This website uses the Museo Moderno typeface, created in 2017 by Pablo Cosgaya (Omnibus Type) in collaboration with Martín Gorricho (Estudio Gorricho).