Museo Moderno
Residencia Corazón

The Corazón International Artistic Residency Program (A-i-R) began in 2006. Its main objective engenders the creation of a personalized and independent exchange between regional, national and international artists. It allows mutual enrichment through professional and emotional approaches for new experiences and aesthetic realities. Resident/visiting artists enjoy a dynamic and vibrant work time; They have a studio and a living space to carry out their projects. They also establish contacts with the local artistic community, cultural institutions and the general public. Residencia Corazón offers a complete international program of artistic residencies. Each artist, curator or writer receives exclusive and highly personalized support from the Residencia Corazón team. Our project is characterized by attempting a close and intimate relationship with each resident, proposing that the stay transcends the artistic purpose and that their trip becomes a learning adventure that they will treasure throughout their lives.