Museo Moderno

The residence
MONTE is an art residency located in Colonia Benítez, Chaco, Argentina, dedicated to artists, curators and researchers whose projects are linked to nature, the study of the landscape and the implications of the environmental impact on the territory.
In 2015, MONTE acquired 2.3 hectares of native forest from Colonia Benítez, botanical capital of Chaco, with the aim of protecting and conserving them through cultural actions that derive from artistic residencies and articulations with the territory and the community.
MONTE is surrounded by the Los Chaguares Natural Reserve, one of the main bird watching centers in Argentina; the Tragadero River, one of the few unpolluted rivers in the region with a wide variety of native flora and fauna; and environmental activists in dialogue with the residence. Taking into account the growth of real estate speculation, the exploitation of natural resources and the ferocious clearing that threatens the environment, MONTE presents itself as a platform for activism through art, environmental preservation and reflective research.