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La Curadora

After having traveled and had experiences in residences in Argentina and Latin America, the artists Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez and Cintia Clara Romero decided to expand their house to receive colleagues who intend to develop productive or reflective projects in a quiet environment and in contact with nature. . This is how in 2012 they designed CURADORA, a work residence for artists, managers and curators, designed with the intention of providing a friendly space for exchange, research and production in connection with current art problems. Between 2013 and 2023 CURADORA received 108 national and international artists, who, in parallel with the development of their projects, have coordinated talks and workshops in various local institutions. All the activities carried out have been compiled in the books Curadora2013, Curadora 2014-2015, Curadora 2016-2017 and Curadora- Special Edition. Residence of work of managing artists, published by Ediciones UNL.