Museo Moderno
Sala Peluche

Since 2022, Sala Peluche has functioned as an exhibition space, promoted by Ad Minoliti, for the development of collective and individual artistic projects, committed to ecotransfeminist and antiracist principles. Its general program and organizational method are part of the numerous fantasies of alternative institutions that the artist has been developing since 2018, such as the Feminist School of Painting, the Expanded Painting Symposium or the Plush Museum. Sala Peluche shows one project per month, inviting artists, performers, poets, musicians and curators. Each guest has the key of the place and proposes their own calendar of activities. Also, facing the systemic closure of public exhibition spaces and the increasing privatization of cultural institutions in Buenos Aires City, Sala Peluche assumes the commitment to create conditions of accessibility and dissemination of artistic work.