Museo Moderno
Museo de Arte Moderno

Founded in 1956, the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires is a public museum under the auspices of the Buenos Aires City Government’s Ministry of Culture. It holds the largest public collection of modern and contemporary Argentinian art in the country, with over 7,600 works. Viewed as the home of living Argentinian artists, the Museo Moderno is renowned for its active support of Argentina’s art community. During the last ten years, the Moderno has undergone deep development: it has doubled its exhibition, education and academic spaces; staged over 100 exhibitions; put out 50 bilingual publications; boosted its various education programmes to involve 7,000 teachers a year; and achieved widespread recognition for its mental health and accessibility programmes. Today, the Museo Moderno supports more than 500 artists a year, welcomes 400,000 visitors annually and engages with an on-line community of over 6 million.