Museo Moderno

The gallery’s program has gained a reputation for the quality and focus of its research projects; the heritage of artists it represents, regularly distributing their works in museums and private collections locally and internationally. Founded in 2011, the gallery has served museums, not only with works of art, but also with exhibitions derived directly from its research projects. Cosmocosa actively works in the secondary market to provide its clients with specific works for each collection and to proactively complement its program. The deep knowledge of the global art scene allows the gallery to establish an international dialogue while shaping and leaving its mark on the local scene.

A modern and contemporary art gallery, it works on the representation of legacies of important Argentine artists for their national and international promotion, and since its beginnings it has advised clients in a personalized way. The gallery space in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires is a Parisian-style ground floor that functions as an ideal cabinet to display its avant-garde proposals in high contrast.

Represented Artists:
Antonio Berni, Luis Frangella, Emilia Gutiérrez, Batato Barea, Emiliano Miliyo, Ignacio Iasparra.