Museo Moderno

We are Camarones, a group of professionals dedicated to the visual and audiovisual arts who in 2019 decided to found an art gallery.
Passionate about everything that in the 21st century is considered an aesthetic experience, we focus on debates and encounters with others.
Our objective, ambitious but at the same time more than necessary, is to highlight that the artistic field is each one of us and it depends only on our political-aesthetic actions to be able to break down the elitist, totalitarian and assertive barriers that modernity bequeathed us.
​Our conception of exhibition is expanded and expansive: the white cube, the not so white, the black. The physical space of the room, the back room, the hallway, the sidewalk and the neighborhood. Virtual connection, social networks as an exploration of new formats and communication channels. The online store.

We think of collecting as a democratic and inclusive practice. Art is for everyone. Beauty is a right. Critical thinking is daily food. Collecting is a path of discovery. Artistic creation a network.

We are Camarones, contemporaries!

Camarones is a member of Meridiano (Argentine Chamber of Contemporary Art Galleries) and the La Gran Paternal collective that brings together all the spaces and workshops that work in the neighborhood.