Museo Moderno

Space 34/35 is located within the Barolo Palace and emerges as a way to provide views in terms of site-specific art. The real space is vital, it operates as a significant element on the idea of coexistence between the artistic work and its environment. We seek to provide a framework for dialogue on how to co-inhabit the contemporary with the historical heritage, in spatial but also conceptual terms. Space 34_45 is presented as its original name and is located in purgatory, according to the architect’s proposal. Mario Palanti who was based on the Divine Comedy for the design of the Barolo Palace. We are carrying out the Barolo 100 cultural project. A series of artistic exhibitions and experiences that celebrate the centenary of an emblematic icon of the city. 34_35 is a specific moment, a cultural context, an operation in space, it is one place after another.