Museo Moderno

Andreani Foundation is a business foundation located in the La Boca neighborhood, in Buenos Aires. Its objective is to improve the quality of life of the community and to that end it is structured based on three fundamental pillars: Culture, Education and Social Logistics.
The Culture area seeks to promote diverse artistic expressions and constitute a meeting point for the generation of new ideas and proposals. For the Foundation, art is a fundamental element of people’s lives and must be accessible to all sectors of society.
With a federal spirit, the focus of the cultural area is on the intersection of contemporary art with science and technology. In addition, cycles and programs related to philosophy, music, literature, performing arts and multiple other expressions are carried out.
The Education area, through its Andreani Foundation Academy project, promotes academic training in logistics, in order to generate more and better opportunities for young people throughout the country and contribute to the professionalization of the sector.
The Social Logistics area works by making the benefits of logistics management available to the community. In coordination with the Andreani Logistics Group, it facilitates shipments of donations to various parts of the country in alliance with institutions and organizations of the third sector.