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Aisenberg Diana
Madonna protectora de las artes, 1985 Mixed technique on paper and wood

Buenos Aires, 1958
She lives and works in Buenos Aires. She studied at Bezalel Art and Design Academy (Jerusalem 1982) and Teachers Seminary (Tel Aviv 1978).
She is an essential figure in the articulation of the art of the eighties with that of the nineties, a teacher of artists for more than three decades, a genre painter and materializer of objects, exhibitions and collective dictionaries. Diana Aisenberg is an indisputably influential personality in Argentine art in recent decades.
Among her individual exhibitions, Inédita, Invita (Quinta Trabucco, 2016), Tormenta de Cristales (Daniel Abate Galería, 2012) and Adoración a la Madonna de las Artes stand out, a traveling exhibition with 9 stops in museums in the country. Her work investigates the relationships between art and education through teaching and the creation of projects that include a variable population of artists and non-artists. Awarded for her educational work by the Association of Argentine Critics, she coordinated the Visual Arts area of the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of the University of Buenos Aires, and was a professor of Morphology at the Faculty of Graphic Design of the same university. Through the Antorchas Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the C.C. Ricardo Rojas and independent projects managed by artists work in schools, museums and universities throughout the country. Her work extends to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico.
Her works are in the collections of the National Museum of Fine Arts (Buenos Aires), Museum of Contemporary Art of the Province of Buenos Aires (Mar del Plata), Franklin Rawson Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (San Juan).
Her works of collective participation stand out, such as art stories, dictionary of certainties and intuitions, published by Adriana Hidalgo in her book version; Glass Economy, which brings together collected pieces; What the Sea Brought, made in 2017 in Utila, Honduras, Madonna, Protector of the Arts, made in 1986-2008-2012.
2017: Female painters exhibition, Ruby Gallery. Clinic and workshop for artists- Basic Unit, Museum. City of Córdoba. ESCINE Higher Cinema University, CDMX, master class; UACM Autonomous University of Mexico City, presentation Questions from Cinema to Madness. Insight CIW University Program, master class 2016: National Pedagogical University UPN, CDMX.: SOMA, Portfolio Review, Quinta Trabucco, Vicente López. Diana Aisenberg INEDITA 2015- Participatory event Museo Mar. Tribute to TiaHanna, 2014- Museo Mar Horizonte De Deseo.