Museo Moderno
Aimé Pastorino
Aimé Pastorino El Bolsón , Río Negro. 1982 La histórica duración de los objetos, 2019 [The stoic duration of objects, 2019] Objeto, madera ruteada, torneada y policromada. [Object, routed, turned and polychrome wood.] 20 x 30 x 100 cm. crédito fotógráfico: Lihuel Gonzalez

Artist and university professor (FADU-UBA), lives and works in Buenos Aires. He graduated in Visual Arts from the National University of Art. His work analyzes socio-political contexts determined from the realistic reproduction of everyday objects in carved, assembled and painted wood. He has exhibited his works at MALBA, MUNTREF, MACRO and Kunstverein Leipzig among others.