Museo Moderno

During the month of March 2020, activists and archivists Juan Queiroz and Mabel Bellucci decided to carry out a political experience of queer archives and rescue of memories “outside the margin.” This is how Moléculas Malucas emerged, a magazine in digital format, a cultural critical, activist, self-managed and non-profit or subsidy project.
As a start to our activities, on March 29, 2020, we published the first work entitled Sexual Politics Group: A theoretical-insurrectional focus of politicization of the sexual revolution of the seventies, written by Mabel Bellucci and Catalina Trebisacce, which had a wide repercussion. In it we transcribed and published in full for the first time the historic text Sexual Morals in Argentina. A few weeks later, the two founders of the brand new Malucas Molecules convened a small group of sex-dissident activists and archivists, queer feminists, sex workers, researchers and historians to form a publishing collective. . From there we began to discuss our contents and articulate networks of links with other projects to carry out joint strategies for the democratization of archives. In this way, we try to offer a transformative alternative for access to historical record materials regarding sexual-political resistance and disobedience, but also to the memories of human rights, countercultural, abortionist, worker, indigenous and Afro-descendant movements.