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Fundación IDA

Heritage collection composed of archives and collections of Argentine design energized through cultural management.
IDA (Research in Argentine Design) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to research, recovery, conservation, dissemination and enhancement of national design. It has constantly growing funds, made up of documents and design objects in its main fields: industrial, graphic, clothing and textile, and theory and management. The material is available to those interested in deepening knowledge about the discipline and its manifestations in the country – such as researchers, editors, curators, critics, journalists, businessmen, professionals, trainers and students – and its access is given through a database that is perfected and complemented with the progress of the project. The extension program includes training, exhibitions and specialized printed and digital publications inside and outside the country. This encourages appreciation, production, innovation and criticism of design, actions that provide new elements to strengthen the material culture of Argentine society and consolidate the presence of design in their daily lives.