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Espigas Foundation and its Documentation Center for the History of Visual Arts in Argentina were created in 1993 in order to make a contribution to the professionalization of the artistic medium. Its mission is to gather all the documentation related to Argentine and Latin American art, and foreign artistic manifestations linked to the country and the region. With the constant collaboration of friends, donors and partners, Espigas preserves and provides access to an important bibliographic and archival collection that is currently consulted by specialists, public and private institutions, and the general public.
In 2017, Fundación Espigas established an agreement with TAREA Research Institute on Cultural Heritage of the National University of San Martín to create the Espigas Studies Center. Today both institutions, Foundation and Center, within the framework of the School of Art and Heritage, work together to preserve and provide access to the documentary collection, and cooperate in carrying out the editorial program and public activities linked to Argentine and Latin American art.