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Filmoteca Narcisa Hirsch

The Narcisa Hirsch Film Archive is an association dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the artistic legacy of the Argentine filmmaker Narcisa Hirsch.
Narcisa Hirsch is recognized as a pioneer of experimental and avant-garde cinema in Argentina and Latin America. Throughout her career, she produced a wide range of experimental films that challenged narrative conventions and explored new forms of cinematic expression. Coming from painting, her interest in film began in the 1960s, documenting her
street happenings. This led her to make films in super 8 and 16mm.
Recipient of the Konex Platinum Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mar del Plata Film Festival, her films continue to be shown at festivals, museums and universities around the world. Her work is today of great importance and influence for new generations of filmmakers and visual artists.
In addition to its function as an archive, the Narcisa Hirsch Film Archive also organizes screenings, retrospectives and events related to experimental cinema. These activities allow the artistic community to discuss and reflect on different aspects of cinephilia and experimental cinema.