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The Red Conceptualismos del Sur (RedCSur) is an international platform for work, thought and collective position-taking founded in 2007 by a group of researchers and artists, concerned about the expropriation and neutralization of the critical potential of a set of conceptual practices that had place in Latin America from the sixties onwards. The work of RedCSur has been materialized by mobilizing processes of preservation and activation of the memory of these experiences through the implementation of a series of policies for research, exhibition, institutionalization and enhancement of archives, as well as taking public positions regarding different junctures. Currently, RedCSur is made up of about sixty people dispersed in different parts of America and Europe, who promote different common projects.
Archives in use are specific programs for uploading digitized files to the Internet, as a tool for socializing sets of documents, which are the result of long collective research projects. The digitization of these files fulfills a double function: on the one hand, it contributes to their preservation through high-resolution scanning of the documents that comprise them; On the other hand, it facilitates their public dissemination through low-resolution copies that guarantee public access to them.
It is a hypertextual design that makes a file accessible without requiring specialization but rather curiosity in its users. The files contain materials from different media (photos, writings, video, audio, etc.). They are organized based on keywords (by date, file, event, proper names, strong ideas) to form a database that facilitates the search by users.