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Archivo General de La Nación

The General Archive of the Nation is the oldest historical archive of the Argentine Republic. It was created on August 28, 1821 as the Archive of the Province of Buenos Aires and federalized in 1884. In 2021 it turns 200 years old.
It depends on the Ministry of the Interior. It currently stores and provides access to paper documentation from the 16th century and photographic and audiovisual documentation from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century.
The objectives of the organization are to gather, preserve and provide access to documents that allow us to know the national history, the memory of the institutions and guarantee the exercise of individual and collective rights.
After several years of work by archivists and technicians, we have managed to define the guidelines that allow us to implement the international archival description standards called ISAAR and ISAD-G. We do this through the open source web application called AtoM, a name that comes from the English term “Access to Memory” and which allows description based on the standards set by the International Council on Archives (CIA). ICA). This involves identifying, classifying and describing each fund, collection, section, series and documentary unit.