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Gathered and preserved since 2015 in what was her workshop, María Juana Heras Velasco’s personal archive is made up of a large number of very diverse documents: correspondence with artists, critics and institutions, postcards, diaries, documents from her teaching and political activity. , notebooks, sketches, project folders, materials catalogues, exhibition catalogues, posters, press articles, photographs, slides, awards, among others.
The archive research provided important information in relation to the production and circulation of her works, as well as the artist’s career, and made it possible to prepare her biography, her Curriculum Vitae, and an exhaustive bibliographic compilation. Likewise, as an activation of the collection, the extracts available in this section were produced.
Each Extract is made up of a selection of documents that, accompanied by a short text, give an account of some of the most significant events in the artist’s career, and show lesser-known aspects of her production. Since 2020, the Extracts have been published periodically on our social networks with the intention of disseminating the artist’s legacy and promoting new readings and approaches.