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Centro Cultural MATTA Embajada de Chile en Argentina

MATTA Cultural Center Embassy of Chile in Argentina (CCMATTA) was conceived on the occasion of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Republic of Chile (2010) and within the framework of the Agreement for the establishment of Cultural Centers between Chile and Argentina, signed on February 26 of 2010. The mission of this institution would be to “contribute to the increase of relations between Chile and Argentina in the fields of culture, art, education and the dissemination of the values of the parties in these fields” (art. .1 of the agreement).
The CCMATTA is under the aegis of the Chilean Embassy in Argentina and the Chilean Foreign Ministry, who establish the guidelines of the cultural foreign policy that direct its actions.
The Cultural Center was built in 2010 on an area of 650 square meters, with a room for visual arts exhibitions and an auditorium for 90 people.
After a few years in whitewash, in 2015 the space was reopened with its current name, Centro Cultural MATTA Embassy of Chile in Argentina, in tribute to the Chilean artist Roberto Matta, National Art Prize winner in 1990. Until today, it is the only center cultural of the State of Chile abroad.
Today the CCMATTA is a cultural space that has an annual program of high artistic quality and that covers different disciplines such as visual arts, cinema, theater, literature, dance, music, along with academic and training activities, all of which are free to the public. .
Throughout these years it has positioned itself as a platform for dialogue and cultural integration between Chile, Argentina and the Latin American region.