Museo Moderno

Launched in 2012, MUNTREF – Centro de Arte Contemporáneo is located in the legendary Hotel de Inmigrantes in Buenos Aires and shares its headquarters with the Museo de la Inmigración. The multicultural dimension of memories, travels and hopes that this building contains are related to what is expressed by the contemporary art artists who are and will be part of the exhibitions and shows.
MUNTREF – Centro de Arte Contemporáneo promotes and disseminates contemporary artistic and cultural practices through processes of research and dialogue between artists and curators, with the objective of consolidating the participation of diverse cultural and social actors. It is an active platform for dialogue, action and participation, where processes are generated for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, through the dynamics and strategies of contemporary art, culture and technology, with the aspiration of creating in each exhibition, with each intervention, a space for knowledge and questioning the public.