Museo Moderno
Alejandro Faggioni – ESTUDIO DE ARTE

In the spring of 1989, by a kind of “causation”, this exciting activity began. Throughout these years we have been holding exhibitions of great masters and contemporary artists of Argentine art. Giving special importance to thematic exhibitions, both in the Gallery and in the fairs we attend. The main driving force from the beginning until now is the relationship established between the work of art and whoever comes to enjoy it. Paying special attention to the delicate task of bringing everyone together. With that in mind, we have held individual exhibitions at the Gallery by international artists such as: Raúl Lozza, Juan Del Prete, Yente (Eugenia Crenovich), Eduardo Serón, and Raquel Forner. We also hold group exhibitions: “Painters of the Paris School” (2006), “Window to the River” (2008). Furthermore, in 2012, we presented the book about the prestigious Art Gallery: “Lirolay”, written by Prof. Nelly Perazzo; and, in March 2016, we organized the exhibition: “30 Masters of Argentine Art”, which included work by Emilio Pettoruti, Antonio Berni, Lino Enea Spilimbergo, Juan Battle Planas, Alfredo Hlito, Roberto Aizenberg among others. Since 2004, we have been present in different fairs nationwide, such as arteBA. There, we have presented individual and thematic exhibitions such as: “Raul Russo”, “Raquel Forner – Alfredo Bigatti”, “Black and White”, “Five Visions of Constructive Abstraction”, “Great Masters of Sculpture”, among others.