Museo Moderno

Since 1997, by the express will of Edgardo Antonio Vigo, the La Plata Visual Arts Center Foundation is in charge of his artistic work, documents and personal library.
This archive is divided into several series to more efficiently access the production that Vigo built through his career as a visual poet, art-correista, objectualist, xylographer and conceptual artist.
The main objectives of our task have been: to preserve, conserve and disseminate his work, enhance the collections entrusted to our care and function as a consultation space for researchers, teachers and students.
This archive, in addition to the production of Vigo himself, has extensive documentation and works by national and international artists, who are witnesses of a specific era.
The Foundation has the pride and great responsibility of continuing to disseminate and care for the work of one of the most important artists in the city of La Plata.
His international projection and his unusual ability to continue growing in the artistic imagination of different generations makes his work transcend time with a validity that surpasses his time.