The Education Department’s mission is to build a bridge between the Moderno and society engaging all audiences in art and education, thus creating a socially diverse cultural community. We offer educational and cultural programs aimed at the diverse public that visits the Museum. With creative and innovative ideas, workshops, guided tours, conferences and debates, our […]


An activity for children and young people with autism Alberto Greco’s vivo-dito invite us to single out elements from life in order to transform everyday objects into works of art. We invite you to go around your neighbourhood, looking and signalling different objects you find in the public space so that you too can create […]

Fantasy Readings – An Art-Child

on Ni tonto ni holgazán [Neither foolish nor lazy] An adaptation of a story by Alberto Greco with Illustrations by María Wernicke By Adriana Fernández to explain with the words of this world that a ship set sail from me and took me with her.  Alejandra Pizarnik, Árbol de Diana [Diana’s Tree] (1962) If not […]

Illustrations to color by María Belén López De Carlo

Illustrations to Color by María Belén López De Carlo We invite you to take part in the illustrations that artist María Belén López De Carlo designed for the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. These images explore the relationship between museums, virtuality and screens. You can download them below, colour them as you like […]


Take part in these illustrations by Flora Nómada We invite you to intervene in the illustrations artist Flora Nómada has designed for the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. These images explore the relationship between Alberto Greco and the concept of community, as well as how we can reinterpret the artist’s legacy today. You […]

Fantasy Readings – The GPS of Fantasy: Who was Gianni Rodari?

By Adriana Fernández ¿Is it worthwhile for a child to learn by crying what he can learn by laughing? Gianni Rodari, Il libro degli errori [The Book of Errors] October 23, 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Gianni Rodari (1920-1980), the Piedmontese writer, teacher and children’s author who set out to investigate […]


An activity for children and young people with autism The Museo de Arte Moderno’s visual arts collection contains the works of 340 women artists, including paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings and photographs. Today, exhibitions of women artists are held in higher frequency by museums, such as the exhibition Flavia Da Rin: ¿Quién es esa chica? [Flavia […]


During the month of March, the Museo Moderno will present works by the 340 women artists that are part of our collection. We will also think about the positioning of women and different gender identities in the visual arts field and in the cultural institutions of today. We will share data from our history, collection […]

Wonderful Readings: balada

Writer, journalist, critic and translator, Marcelo Cohen is considered one of the best contemporary Argentine narrators. The Panoramic Delta, the fictional location where his stories are set, is a space where science fiction restrains from its maxims of technological utopia and instead dwells on the social forms that lead to a future of precariousness in […]


By Adriana Fernández Leaves that smell of summer,branches to climband underneathin the shade,a place to play.Laura Devetach Have you experienced that special freshness that you can only feel when in the shade of a tree? That feeling of relief that comes from the earth and refreshes our body? That is how trees embrace us. Did […]