The team facilitates the discovery of new ideas and surprising connections through workshops, debates and conferences designed to satisfy a wide range of interests related to the Museum’s exhibitions.


Join us from Tuesday to Friday at 16:00 and Saturdays, Sundays
and Public Holidays at 15:00 for a guided tour led by Museum’s


Workshops offer the opportunity to experiment and learn new skills
with dynamic activities that open new perceptive horizons and
enhance our capacity to learn. The objective is to work with senses,
techniques, ideas and theories. Free activities with limited capacity.

For queries and reservations: [email protected]
The workshops require prior registration by email


Designed to explore the exhibitions held at the Museum through
different techniques, methods and ideas, this weekly workshop invites
artists and researchers from a range of fields to establish dialogues
with the Museum’s exhibitions and artworks. Taking both collective and
individual approaches, the goal is to establish a bond with the exhibitions
and the Museum through personal artistic output.

Day: Wednesdays from 17:00 to 19:00
Free activity with limited capacity
Queries and reservations: [email protected]
The workshops require prior registration by email.